I teach a variety of courses in Comparative Politics, Social Movements and Contentious Politics, and Qualitative Methods.

I believe in the transformative power of a liberal arts education. My teaching focuses on scaffolding knowledge and skills so that students leave college more curious about the world, and with ability to be tackle complex problems, be thoughtful citizens, engage in their community, and excel in the careers they choose.

By teaching broadly within the field of political science, I developed the ability communicate across a diverse student body, to create connections across course material, and to integrate key skills into all of my classes.  Diversity and inclusion are a through line across my scholarship, teaching, and service.

Graduate Level

Global Environmental Politics and the United Nations (MA level)

Undergraduate Level

First Year Courses

Political Satire and Comedy (freshman seminar)

Revolution 1968! (freshman seminar)

Student Success Seminar (freshman seminar)

Introduction to International Politics

Introduction to Comparative Politics

Introduction to US Government and Politics

Justice: An Introductory Experience (interdisciplinary)


Political Identities and Culture

Politics of Europe

Making Social Change: Political Activism and Grassroots Mobilization

Global Environmental Politics

Race and Politics (Formerly Minority Politics)

Media and Politics

Global Politics and the United Nations: An Overview

Global Politics and the United Nations: Terrorism



Global Revolution and Rebellion

Methods and Capstone Courses

Research Methods: Qualitative Methods and Philosophy of Science

Political Science Senior Capstone

Interdisciplinary Capstone

Special Topics

Comparative Politics: Social Movements in the US and Japan Part I and II (on location in Kyoto, Japan)

Comparative Politics: Civil Society in the US and Japan (on location in Kyoto, Japan)