Scholarship of Teaching and Learning + Diversity Instruction

My research also focuses on the scholarship of teaching and learning. I am interested in exploring best practices for integrating diversity instruction into the classroom. I focus particularly on models of discourse instruction that structure difficult conversations within the classroom.

My co-author Kelly Bauer PhD and I have designed a multi-method project that analyzes this question. We are currently collecting data through interviews and focus groups, and anticipate finishing our book-length project in 2019.

Clancy, K., and Bauer K., (2019). “Reconceptualizing Diversity and Difference: Teaching US and Comparative Politics in Conversation” Comparative Politics Newsletter, Spring 2019

Clancy, K., and Bauer K., (2018). “Creating Student Scholar Activists: Discourse Instruction and Social Justice in Political Science Classrooms” New Political Science 40 [3]: 542-557.

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