Future Research

I am currently working with students at NWU on a project that examines the role of youth voters in the 2014 independence referendum in Scotland. This is part of a broader project on the circumstances under which which youth voters strategically target the state to make change.

The next trajectory of the work on the relationship between science and the state that I began with the book on GMOs continues in the trajectory of interrogating the relationship between science and society by exploring the politics of vaccinations. I investigate why vaccines have been a site of political contestation in the international arena over the past quarter century, and interrogate the reasons vaccines have been constructed as tools of an imperialist foreign policy. The second part of the project examines the function of “vaccine courts” in the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Japan. I look at the way these courts function as a subsidiary of the judicial system and become a locus for a proxy battle over questions of public health and safety. Both of these projects reflect my curiosity about the power dynamics of science, technology, and politics in the international arena.

I am also collaborating with a co-author a project that compares the way that technology has disrupted the power relationships between citizens and the state, examining the use of cell phones in confrontations with police in the United States and Europe.

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